The House Abandon – Prototype Download

the house abandon game

The House Abandon is a terrifying text based adventure created by one of the Alien Isolation devs, in which the environment you’re playing in reacts around you – so much so that we guarantee that you’ll look over your own shoulder a few times while playing it!

The House Abandon is played much like a traditional text based adventure, using commands such as ‘Look’, ‘Open’, ‘Go To’ and ‘Use’ to make your way around a house you used to live in as a child. Where The House Abandoned differs however, is that the environment you’re playing in is actually part of the game and changes throughout – something that is used to great effec to really freak you out.

As The House Abandon is still very early in development there the command list still needs to be optimized (figuring out the commands can be a little frustrating), but the atmosphere and core concept are fantastic. It’s amazing how much terror a static camera angle and an old text adventure interface can conjure up!

Note: The the basic commands are ‘Look’, ‘Open’, Go To’, ‘Switch On’ and ‘Use’, but there are a few more context sensitive ones that you have to work out. If you can’t work them out then just check out the walkthough below.

Stuck? Check Out a Full Walkthrough here

Download The House Abandon Here (Windows)