The House in the Woods – Game Jam Build Download

The House in the Woods is a tense and atmospheric Blair Witch Project inspired first person horror game where you search for your friend who has vanished while you were camping with them in a spooky forest.

In The House in the Woods you spend the night camping in the middle of a creepy forest, but awaken in the middle of night to find that your friend has gone missing. You must now go in search of her but the forest is a large place and easy to get lost in, you’ll have to listen carefully and try to keep your bearings to find her or the mysterious house of the title.

You can find the house almost immediately if you set out in the right direction, but you can also find yourself wandering around for ages. There’s a real sense of panic as you run around the forest, getting more and more lost. There may be other things to find in the forest (there’s an old well at least), but it’s when you enter the house that things start to get really creepy.

There are no big scares, but it’s a very tense little horror game that manages to capture the feeling of the original Blair Witch movie. The audio design is particularly impressive, really making you feel vulnerable and alone amongst the howling wind, the swaying trees and the unsettling screams. Hihgly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The House in the Woods Here (Windows)