The House in the Woods – Prototype Download

The House in the Woods is a terrifying Blair Witch Project inspired first person horror game where you search for your missing friend in an old creepy house hidden in the woods.

There are two currenly versions of The House in the Woods – the original game jam version which we covered a couple of weeks ago and the newly released prototype. The jam version is certainly worth checking out (especially if you’re a fan of the Blair Witch Project) but the full game really ramps up the terror and introduces a lot more content (particularly once you reach the house).

In The House in the Woods you find yourself alone in a creepy forest that you were camping in with your friend. Your friend is nowhere to be seen, there’s an occult symbol nailed to a nearby tree and you can occasionally hear your friend screaming in the distance. You need to listen to the direction of the screams to find the house where the screams are emanating from. Making your way through the forest is a pretty scary experience in itself, and there are some interesting landmarks to find in there, but it’s when you reach the house that things REALLY start to get freaky…

Even though the devs are classing the current build of The House in the Woods as an early prototype, it’s already a very polished experience (and more polished than a lot of full releases). It’s also absolutely terrifying, and instils you with the sort of fear and trepidation you had the first time you played P.T.. The visuals are fantastic and the lore isintriguing, but perhaps the biggest factor in scaring the crap out of you is the sound design – the howling wind, the screams, the rustling trees and your character’s breathing all combine to build an incredibly tense atmosphere. When that smorgasbord of noises is punctuated by a thump or a twig breaking nearby you really start to panic! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The House in the Woods Prototype Here (Windows)