The Housesitter – Prototype

The Housesitter is a creepy text-based horror game with some fantastic ASCII artwork and animation, which sees you getting into trouble after agreeing to look after a house for a friend.

In The Housesitter your friend Rita and her son have recently moved into a new home in the countryside. Rita planned on renovating the house, but things haven’t been going very well since she moved there, she seems a little checked out and her son isn’t handling the move well. They’re now going out of town for a few days and hopefully it will give Rita a little time to clear her head. In the meantime you’ve been asked to house sit and being a good friend you’re happy to oblige. The house may not be quite so accommodating though…

The current build of The Housesitter takes around 15 minutes to play through and sees you entering the house and settling in for the night. The text-based interface is intuitive and the excellent ASCII artwork and writing really help build the world. The sinister soundtrack helps build a tense atmosphere and there’s a section in the game towards the end that’s particularly terrifying (and contains some remarkable ASCII-based animation). By the end you’ll be dying to learn more about what secrets this creepy old house holds.

Play The Housesitter Prototype Here (Browser)