The Hungry Fly – Beta Demo

The Hungry Fly is a disturbing, beautiful and poetic psychological horror game about a very hungry fly who only eats dead things.

Currently in development by Erupting Avocado (creator of The Repairing Mantis), The Hungry Fly is an allegorical twisted fairy tale where you become a little fly with a taste for dead flesh. You find yourself in a swampland that’s home to creatures that seem to be severely injured because they’ve lost something, but they’re not dead. That’s no use to you as you only feast on dead things, but then a mysterious talking plant tells you of a place where you’ll be able to find plenty of food…

The demo build of The Hungry Fly takes around twenty minutes to play through and really leaves an impact. Its imagery is both beautiful and grotesque and there’s lots that can be read into the fact that the memories are all associated with a child. It’s a fascinating experience and it’ll certainly leave you hungry for more.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The The Hungry Fly Beta Demo Here (Steam)