The Hunt – Student Game Download

The Hunt is a third person Sci-Fi action adventure where a wise-cracking thief swings through canyons and infiltrates ancient ruins to steal a priceless artefact.

Created by a group of game development students from the ArtFX School, The Hunt is a jaw-droppingly pretty Sci-Fi adventure where you set out to steal a relic from an alien planet. There are vast distances to cover, but thankfully you have a grappling beam attached to each hand that allows you to swing through chasms like Spider-Man. They also come in handy for combat and activating/deactivating mechanisms as you make your way through the ruins.

The grapple-swinging isn’t quite as free-flowing as the likes of Spider-Man and the quips from the main character are a little irritating. Other than that though it’s a remarkable game with a huge amount of polish considering it’s a prototype. The environments are particularly impressive and put a lot of AAA games to shame. Highly recommended.

Download The Hunt Here (Windows)