The Hunter is an excellent minimalistic 2D top down stealthy horror/action game which takes place in total darkness, with you only being able to identify your surroundings through the use of echolocation.

There’s a deeply foreboding atmosphere to The Hunter, as you’re instructed to hunt down and kill ‘him’, with no idea who or why.  You do get some limited weaponry, but your main weapon is stealth, there are some strange creatures roaming the world, and if they hear you, they WILL chase you down and kill you.

The core concept of The Hunter works really well, with the crude echolocation provided by your footsteps highlighting your surroundings, but also alerting enemies to your presence, you have to choose your moments to make a move.

Unfortunately the nature of the game means that it doesn’t take the most exciting screenshots or GIFs, but it is an excellent game, we’d highly recommend either watching the ‘Lets Play’, or even better, just playing the prototype.  It’s Hotline Miami with the lights turned off, which is just as hard as it sounds and an extremely tense experience.

Watch a Lets Play and Visit the Greenlight page HERE

Play the Prototype in a Unity supported browser HERE