The Iconoclasts – Alpha Download

The Iconoclasts

The Iconoclasts is a beautifully crafted action adventure game with metroidvania-style level exploration, fast paced arcade action, RPG-Style towns and quests, puzzles, upgrades, crafting and huge boss battles.

You play as Robin, a mechanic, in a world where her hobbies are considered illegal.  Find out why as you traverse the world with the friends you meet, and through encounters with a nefarious duo called Black and White.  It’s an interesting and deep story, more reminiscent of an RPG than your average arcade action game.

Combat in The Iconoclasts feels very responsive, providing old school arcade thrills reminiscent of Gunstar Heroes, but with a well implemented auto-aim system which locks on to enemies when they’re in range.  The combat has plenty of variety too, with the inventive selection of enemies all requiring different tactics to dispatch them, as well as big bosses, all with their own attack patterns for you to learn and exploit.

The Iconoclasts is a wonderful adventure, full of retro arcade action, RPG-Style character progression, an interesting story, boss fights and fantastic Pixel Art.  Highly Recommended.

The Iconoclasts has been in development for years, but it’s not abandoned! Check out vids of recent builds HERE

Watch a Let’s Play HERE

Download the Alpha(s) HERE