The Imagined Leviathan – Game Jam Build Download

The Imagined Leviathan is a stylish and atmospheric survival adventure with a touch of horror which sees you trying to stay warm as you traverse a frostbitten post-human Britain.

Created by Far Few Giants, creators of The Outcast Lovers and The Night Fisherman, The Imagined Leviathan sees you traversing an icy wilderness as you make a pilgrimage to a Stonehenge-esque stone circle. To keep yourself warm you’ll need to light fires which requires you to collect wood and kindling, but also requires you to sacrifice the stories/ecological musings you collect along the way.

The icy tundra of The Imagined Leviathan is an easy place to get lost in. Landmarks and signposts can help guide the way, but they’re few and far between, while the high contrast black and white world and the blizzards make it easy to lose your bearings. You need to keep going though and you need to keep an eye out for resources to start fires. You’re not alone though – there’s a mysterious white beast that you can only glimpse when it passes in front of something dark and there’s something big watching over you in the sky.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, it’s a wonderfully disorientating and eerie little game with a great sense of atmosphere and interesting fireside musings. It does a great job of making you feel vulnerable and isolated as you wander through the wilderness and you can almost feel the blizzard’s icy chill in your bones.

Download The Imagined Leviathan Here (Windows & Mac)