The Indie Game Legend 3D – Alpha Demo

The Indie Game Legend 3D is a fantastic retro styled dungeon crawling first person shooter with metroidvania elements, that sees you blasting monsters, solving puzzles and rescuing a variety of indie game developers to stop pixel art platformers from dying out.

In The Indie Game Legend 3D you take on the role of an elite soldier who has been sent on a mission to save bunch of indie game developers who have been kidnapped and locked up within a labyrinthine dungeon. The game is loosely inspired by the NES classic The Guardian Legend and plays a little like a first person shooter set within a Zelda-esque game world filled with (non-procedurally generated) Binding of Isaac style kill rooms.

The Alpha Demo features around an hours worth of gameplay, with three distinctly themed areas to explore and three big bosses to dispatch. The combat is fast paced and fun, with you able to use your standard gun and a variety of upgrades to blast the enemies that fill the game world. When entering each room for the first time you’ll have to kill any enemies within it before you can escape and it’s also worth blasting any destructible blocks as you can earn gems which can be used to unlock upgrade shops.

The combat is full of retro run n’ gun fun, but you’ll also have to solve puzzles and pay close attention to clues in the game world to rescue those indie devs. There are lots of hidden secrets and easter eggs to discover and there are some fun little surprises, such as the way you hack computer terminals that harkens back to a certain Nintendo classic. The humor is excellent too, especially the descriptions of the indie game devs that you’re rescuing – such as ‘Cactus’, the creator of Phoneline Florida or ‘Bill Bish’, creator of the pixel art platformer with a twist, Fedora!

Even in the Alpha stage of development The Indie Game Legend 3D is already a very polished experience and it really impresses with its blend of retro run n’ gun gameplay, puzzle solving, fun secrets and great sense of humor. It’s a very impressive game that’s full of great little touches and fun surprises that make it far more than just another retro first person shooter. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Indie Game Legend 3D Alpha Demo Here (Windows & Mac)