The Infernal Masquerade – Game Jam Build Download

The Infernal Masquerade is a horror themed twist on Minesweeper, where you need to figure out who the vampires are in a ballroom full of guests.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Halloween Ham 2022, The Infernal Masquerade is a PS1 styled spooky reimagining of Minesweeper. The rules of the game are pretty much the same as Minesweeper, but instead of detecting mines, you’re detecting vampires in a bunch of guests who are lined up in a grid. You select guests and they tell you how many vampires are next to them and when you figure out who’s a vampire you can give them a rose to act as a flag.

It’s a great little twist on a classic game which can get pretty tense as you try to figure out the final few. A minesweeping masquerade well worth attending.

Download The Infernal Masquerade Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)