The Inquisitor – GameJam Build

the inquisitor

The Inquisitor, a game made for the Procedural Generation Jam, is a well polished procedural murder mystery!  You must solve a murder, finding the killer, the weapon, and the motive behind said killing. But each time this game is played, every aspect of the game changes.

The player must find the dead body, find clues, and figure out who has ruined this lovely evening. There are many, many rooms to explore, some with people, others with chests or wardrobes to search in. There are 7 people that may of killed the victim. More than one person may have motive for killing said person, but it is up to you to figure out who has really done it and why.

After finding the dead body, the player will have clues as to how the person died and as to when. With that information, it is easier to question others about their alibi and look for items that may have been used in the murder. In chests and cabinets, there are items that have been handled recently. Not all of these items are involved in the murder. For example, if the dead body has tons of cuts and stab marks, it is less likely that poison was used.  People also may be carrying items that can give you clues, but it will cost gems to search them. You only have 3 gems, so this must be a calculated move.

Once you have chosen the killer, found a weapon, and figured out why, you must accuse the person, and see if you are correct in all aspects.  You only get one guess, so choose wisely!

Play The Inquisitor in your Unity Supported Browser HERE