The Insignia Project – Alpha Download

The Insignia Project is a dark Sci-Fi horror game set within a multiverse that’s collapsing in on itself, causing all the multiverses nightmares to converge in one place.

In The Insignia Project you take on the role of a survivor that’s been living for some time in a version of Earth that’s being corrupted as the multiverse collapses into itself. This can cause new objects to appear, from small dolls to massive buildings. This is disturbing enough, but it also causes monsters from other universes to appear, which you will have to deal with too.

The current build of The Insignia Project takes around 10 minutes to play through and it does have quite a few rough edges (mainly the sound design and the fact it wants to open Discord each time you load a new area). It has a very tense atmosphere though and its corrupted multiverse is a very creative setting for a horror game. It all feels very apocalyptic and the monsters are very freaky. By the end you’ll be dying to return for chapter 2!

Check Out a gameplay Video Here

Download The Insignia Project: Chapter One Alpha Here (Windows)