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the isle

The Isle is a great looking multiplayer dinosaur survival sandbox in which you can stalk and stomp your way around a Jurassic Park-style tropical island, controlling humans, dinosaurs and a third faction which has yet to be announced.

Inspired by Rust, DayZ, Jurassic Park and the ill dated The Stomping Land, The Isle pits technologically advanced humans against the brute force and speed of the primeval inhabitants of the Isle.

The Pre-Alpha Build is still very early in development so it does just offer a taster of things to come at the moment, allowing you to explore part of the beautiful tropical island, as humans or a selection of four different dinosaurs (T-Rex, Austrosaurus, Gallimimus, Puertasaurus).  The full game will add another faction, lots more dinosaurs, allow players to form groups, grow from a juvenile to a fully grown dinosaur, create bases, collect DNA, craft and investigate why the dinosaurs are here in the first place.

It’s about time dinosaurs made a comeback, and with the Jurassic World movie and ARK: Survival Evolved also due for release this year, 2015 really is turning into the year of the dinosaur.  It still needs evolve a little, but with it’s great visuals and enticing dino-based gameplay, The Isle is a very promising prospect – a fun sandbox survivalsaurus.

Note:  The current build is still VERY early in development, so don’t expect too much.  But it does allow you to explore a section of the island and play as four different types of dinosaur and a human, as well as offering up a hidden teaser for what the third faction will be.

Controls: WASD – Move, LMB – Shoot/Bite, RMB – Iron Sights/Bite, F -Roar, V – Flashlight, Spacebar – Jump, 1 – 5 – Select Character, Alt + Enter – Full Screen

Update:  The Pre-Alpha is no longer available for free, but you can purchase it via Steam

16 thoughts on “The Isle – Pre-Alpha Download”

  1. how do i get the game to open? i downloaded it (windows 8.1) and it required a rar app to open it. so i downloaded a free app and attempted to open it. it said it was extracting, but then the program ended. i’ve tried opening it multiple times but it isn’t working.

    • Hi! We’d recommend using WinRAR to unRAR the archive. Once You’ve installed WinRAR, Simply Right Click on the File and select ‘Extract Files…’ and select where you want to extract it to. You’ll then find ‘Theisle.exe’ in the folder you’ve extracted to.

      Hope this works. It’s also worth noting that this game is VERY early in development, so may not work on all system configurations (but it definitely works with Windows 8.1).

  2. Might I suggest moving or mirroring the download elsewhere? Im getting an error telling me to wait 24 hours because too many people have viewed or downloaded the file, and that’s a bit annoying as Im sure I would just get the same error again.

    I can’t be the only one bothered by this.

    The error:
    “Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.”

  3. Is there anyway to reduce some of the graphical options to make it run better? My laptop is no slouch, but it can’t seem to run this game at anything higher than about 2 frames a second.

    • Hi, sorry man, The Isle is still very early in development, so will still require optimisation to run on lower spec PCs. Unless you have a laptop with some serious grunt and a dedicated GFX card, I doubt it will run very well. Hopefully in the future though. :)

  4. In the mean time can maybe you make a torrent out of the game for those that can’t download it due to the Google thing?

  5. Well the game by the looks like something i could try and i will give feed back :) as a indie game developer my self i know feed back is important you will hear from me soon. how big is the game at the moment? and will there be an increase in the size of the game soon ?

  6. On my laptop it is /almost/ unplayably slow, running around 10fps. However, because all I was doing was exploring, it wasn’t too bad and it was VERY pretty! The walking animations for the dinosaurs is awesome and the environment is lush and interesting. This seems to have real potential, I can’t wait to see where you go with it next!

    (My specs are intel core i7 4700MQ, 12 GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M if that’s helpful)

    • Hi! Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with frame rate. That’s a pretty powerful laptop too! It is a very early build at the moment, so isn’t optimised for all systems, glad you enjoyed the animation and environments though. A new build is coming to Steam soon, so it’ll hopefully run a little better on your rig. :)

  7. Hi i LOVE this game it seems to have great potential SO PLS don’t go abandon it like the stomping lands game cuz if you keep up the good work we could have one of the best games i’ve played in a long while, ps i have a pretty slow and shitty laptop but i might be getting one with a Quad-core processor & 16 gb of ram but graphics card will it run smoothly on that & might i ask when will u be releasing the full game.

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