The Joke Of A Cruel Game – Beta Download

The Joke Of A Cruel Game

The Joke Of A Cruel Game is a dark and disturbing tale of how a game developers obsession with finishing his game can destroy his life.

You spend the entire game in your apartment, crunching to get your game finished and interacting with objects around the house on the rare occasion you take a breather.  A you progress, you discover more about your life and how it has gradually fallen apart, entirely due to your own actions.  Your ex-girlfriends diary in particular is a grim read, describing how you’ve gradually changed from the man she loved into a fat, smelly ‘B.O. Stink’ that doesn’t leave the apartment.

The Joke Of A Cruel Game isn’t just about game development, it’s about obsession.  It’s a warning to us all – it can be easy to get caught up in things that we think are important, so every now and then take a step back and look how your actions affect you and the people around you.  No game is worth destroying your life over (unless it’s Half Life 3).

Download The Joke Of A Cruel Game Here