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the joy of creation reborn game

The Joy Of Creation: Reborn is an absolutely terrifying free roaming first person horror game based on the universe of Five Night’s at Freddy’s that uses the animatronics to create terror on a whole new level.

In The Joy Of Creation: Reborn you find yourself in what appears to be an abandoned house. Dimly light corridors and rooms are sprawled across the levels with evil lurking around its corners. You objective in the The Joy Of Creation: Reborn is to gather 5 randomly spawning items within a time limit. After that you can either continue exploring the area or be caught by the animatronic to progress to the next stage of endless mode.

There are two animatronics in The Joy Of Creation: Reborn. The first level gives you Ignited Freddy who skulks around the area, hunting for any signs of life. Once you find the five items on this level and let Freddy catch you the next level will unlock. This second level puts you in a boiler room that is much darker than the previous level and has Ignited Bonnie chasing you. Although both animatronics are essentially the same when it comes to programming, there are a few differences between the both. Of course both of them look like their FNAF counterparts but Freddy is the least terrifying in this build. He moves slow enough for the player to eventually out run him and has eyes that look more like flash light beams. As for Bonnie, his eyes glow are red and are harder to spot in the distance. Not only is this a scary aspect to Bonnie, but he also runs a lot faster than Freddy, making it nigh impossible to outrun him.

The musical score, created by Nathan Hanover, is exceptionally eerie making the player wish they never entered the dread halls of this place. Add that to the sounds of the animatronics and the positively nightmarish level design and ambient noises, and you get one adrenaline fueled, heart stopping experience that could leave you cowering in the corner in mere moments.

Nikson and co have done an exceptional job at bring the FNAF animatronics to life in a 3D free roaming environment, so much so that veterans of the FNAF franchise will certainly get a kick out of The Joy Of Creation: Reborn (and the shock of their lives!)

Download The Joy Of Creation: Reborn Alpha Here (Windows only)

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