The Keeper – Alpha Demo

The Keeper is a tense and atmospheric PS1 styled old school survival horror adventure where a lighthouse keeper makes some horrifying discoveries on the remote island he’s been stationed on.

Drawing inspiration from 90’s classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, The Keeper is a retro survival horror adventure set on a remote island called the Pale. In the game you take on the role of a lighthouse keeper who’s been transferred to the Pale after the old keeper became terminally ill. After a little introduction to your duties by a helpful boat captain, you promptly go about your job. First you’ll need to get the generator running, the fog horn blasting and the lighthouse light shining. But whatever you do, don’t touch that big chain…

The demo build of The Keeper takes around 45 minutes to play through and features yoru first two nights on the island. It does a great job of emulating the vibe of those classic 90’s survival horror games and there are some very tense moments. What’s particularly enjoyable is that it’s not just another zombie horror game – the plot is genuinely intriguing, unique and very well written. You really deserve a pay rise for working on that island though!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Keeper Alpha Demo Here (Windows)