The Kickback – Game Jam Build Download


The Kickback is a super silly little football game in which you play a giant sentient football who scores points by kicking ragdoll footballers into the goals!

Footballs have been getting a kicking for a long time now, so it’s about time they fought back! In The Kickback you control a giant football who clomps around the pitch, kicking any footballers who are silly enough to get in your way. Your aim is to score as many times as possible by punting the puny little footballers into the net before your air runs out.

Created for the Unreal Engine Epic Megajam, The Kickback features four short levels, and after each you’ll be granted a new skill, such as an extra arm to throw people with or the ability to roll around the pitch. It’s a short and simple little game, but it’s a very satisfying experience stomping, kicking, rolling and throwing the terrified little rag doll footballers around – especially if you imagine they’re a team you particularly hate!

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