The King Is Watching – Beta Demo

The King Is Watching is a clever roguelite city-building game where you only have the energy to activate a few of your structures at once, so you need to learn to prioritize.

In The King Is Watching you have a 4×4 grid which represents your kingdom and you can build different structures in it (farms, windmills, mines, barracks, etc). These come in handy for gathering resources and training your army, which you’ll need to fend off the waves of enemy attacks. However, you only have a limited amount of energy to keep those structures running, so you must drag and drop your energy window over the ones you want to activate.

It’s a very addictive game with a simple premise, charming pixel art visuals and a clever energy management system. It keeps you busy as you priorotize different structures and requires a little thought as you figure out optimal places to put them. Highly recommended.

Download The King Is Watching Beta Demo Here (Steam)