The Kraken Wakes – Alpha Demo

The Kraken Wakes is a narrative driven adventure that uses chatbot technology to allow you to have conversations with other characters as you investigate mysterious fireballs falling from the sky.

An adaptation of John Wyndham’s classic 1950’s Sci-Fi horror novel of the same name, The Kraken Wakes puts you in the shoes of a journalist who is sent out to report on a fisherman who caught a large swordfish and ends up landing a much bigger story instead. He witnesses giant fireballs raining down from the sky, which lead to a deadly threat lurking in the depths.

You explore the environments in The Kraken Wakes in first person and when you interact with a character a blank text box pops up whereyou can type whatever you like in. The chatbot technology then allows the characters to respond (reasonably) realistically and progress the story.

The robotic sounding voices of the characters could do with a little work and it’s quite a slow paced game, but it’s a novel twist on a classic story. The chatbot integration is a fun system that works quite well and allows for some cleverly constructed interactions.

Download The Kraken Wakes Alpha Demo Here (Steam)