The Last Cosmonaut – Beta Download

The Last Cosmonaut is a tense and atmospheric retro styled monochrome first person Sci-Fi Horror game where a Soviet cosmonaut wakes up in a lunar base to find his whole crew slaughtered by a deadly alien.

Taking place in an alternate reality 1989, The Last Cosmonaut is set within a Soviet Union lunar base, where an unwelcome visitor has wiped out your crew. You must explore this ship, piece together the story of what happened, find a way to open the escape airlock and escape in the emergency lunar lander.

It takes around 10 minutes to play through The Last Cosmonaut and it really impresses with its atmospheric black and white visuals, creepy audio design and interesting setting. The ending is a little anticlimactic, but the way the alien is revealed is very cool and it’s a very tense experience. A short, stylish and scary lunar adventure well worth blasting off for.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Last Cosmonaut Beta Here (Windows)