The Last Day – Beta Demo

The Last Day is a very stylish and well crafted narrative-driven isometric puzzle adventure set in a dystopian future where you are told “Today is your last day. Last day of work, last day of life. Go home…if you find a way.”

In The Last Day you are a mysterious unnamed protagonist who is attempting to make his way home from his workplace. However, today is no normal day and getting home is going to require a lot more than just catching local bus. The way home is hazardous and it seems that there’s something else going on in this world, hinted at by the occasional glitchy visions that you have.

The The Last Day Beta demo takes around 30 minutes to play through and sees you making your way through the game’s stylish dystopian city after finishing up your office job. Each scene is beautifully crafted and requires you to interact with the environment in different ways to solve puzzles and allow you to progress – it’s a dangerous world though, you can die if you’re not careful!

Even in these early stages of development The Last Day is a highly polished and captivating experience. The puzzles are well implemented and it does a great job of telling its story via the environment and your character’s actions. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Last Day Beta Demo Here (Windows)