The Last Hero of Nostalgaia – Beta Demo

The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is a humorous fantasy action RPG that plays like a blend of Dark Souls and The Stanley Parable as you explore a dying world while being jeered at by a narrator who hates you.

In The Last Hero Of Nostalgaia you are brought into existence in a medieval fantasy world that’s collapsing back into a pixelation. The fidelity of the game world is fading away as it becomes increasingly pixelated. You are the most pixelated character ever to exist, and you may just be able to save the world, but the narrator doesn’t fancy your chances. In-fact he abhors your very existence and takes pleasure in continually reminding you of this.

The gameplay in The Last Hero of Nostalgaia is very much Dark Souls inspired, with tactical combat, stamina, bonfires, souls and a variety of weaponry that you can equip in either hand. The combat isn’t as tight as the Souls games, but it’s fun and offers a decent challenge.

It’s the narration and the game world that really makes the game interesting though. The narrator is entertainingly unpleasant and there are some great little gags (such as a hilariously bare bones character creation tool). It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes too as its satirical swipe at gaming nostalgia is a lot of fun and and making the narrator angry is aways a pleasure!

Check Out A Gameplay Video Here

Download The The Last Hero of Nostalgaia Beta Demo Here (Steam)