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The Last Level

The Last Level is a very cool action platforming roguelike boss-rush game that plays like a condensed version of Megaman, with you battling a procession of random bosses and using their own weaponry against them as you make your way to the final boss.

You have bravely battled through all the action packed levels in the game in your fight to save your planet from an alien invasion. Now you’ve finally reached the last level, and must get ready to face your biggest challenge yet! As you fight your way to the final boss you’ll have to take on a selection of randomly selected bosses who use randomly selected weapons and do battle in randomly selected boss arenas. Defeat a boss and you’ll be able to swap out one of your weapons with the bosses one, and use it in your future battles, while also receiving a little health boost to help you on your way.

The stylish monochrome pixel art visuals and the otherworldly audio in The Last Level help create a tense and isolated atmosphere that really does make it feel like it’s you on you own against the might of the alien forces. The gameplay is tough and very addictive, with the randomly generated elements making each playthrough different. An intense and addictive boss rush action platforming experience.

Download The Last Level Here (Windows)

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