The Last Level – Game Jam Build

The Last Level Game Download

The Last Level, a rage inducing hardcore Super Meat Boy-esque platformer made for the GM48, has you attempting to get to the top of the tower filled with spikes, enemies, and many challenges.

This is not a normal, easy to scale tower.  This is a tower you’d expect to find right at the end of a Super Meat Boy-style hardcore precision platformer.  A near insurmountable challenge that will cause you to die repeatedly, shout at your computer screen and smash keyboards as you attempt to scale it.

The tower is filled with gaps to be jumped over, spikes everywhere, and monsters lurking around every corner. You also need to slide under areas but not too far as you will run into danger. You are able to use your knife or gun to kill the enemies, but once you die they come straight back, waiting for you to continue up. Making one wrong move will land you on spikes – leading right to death. There are at least some checkpoints, but they’re pretty few and far between – you’ll need some serious skill just to get to the first one!

You will die in many, many ways as you attempt to beat The Last Level. Though there is only one tower, one huge level, it is made for a seriously skillful (and patient) gamer. The character movement is nice and responsive, you will move gracefully as you die on spikes or to monster attacks. As you get higher on the tower, you will start to see the sky and touch freedom as you slowly make it to the end.  Are you up to the challenge?

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available