The Last Phoenix – Prototype Download

last phoenix

The Last Phoenix is a beautiful aerial combat adventure game where you control the last remaining Fire-bird who awakens to find the world rotting away. With the once vibrant world covered in ash and frost, you must master your abilities and fight against the decay, restoring the balance between life and death.

Exploring the world of The Last Phoenix is a joy, it really is a ridiculously beautiful place, a wonderfully crafted, vast decaying cityscape full of mystery.  As the phoenix flies through the environment, frost and ash are cleared away and vegetation regrows in real time, purifying the land permanently.   It features a Metroidvania style of exploration and discovery, and aerial combat against carrion and crows, with a variety of fire and light based attacks at your disposal.

Due for release this Fall, The Last Phoenix is well worth keeping an eye on (or both of them even).  It’s a visually stunning experience that will make your eyes extremely happy.

Watch a Video of it in Action HERE

Download the Prototype HERE

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    • Yeah, the Greenlight page has been removed, we’re trying to contact the devs. The game was already greenlit, so maybe they removed it as they’re getting ready to release on Steam. Fingers crossed it’s not been cancelled, it really is a beautiful game! :)

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