The Last Question – Game Jam Build Download

The Last Question Game Download

The Last Question is a beautifully drawn and thought provoking blend of Sci-Fi visual novel and anagram solving that asks the most important question in the Universe – is it possible to reverse entropy and stop the Universe from eventually dying?

Based on a story by Isaac Asimov, The Last Question takes place over a timespan of over a hundred sextillion years. During this time you play an AI who listens to the humans as they discuss the inevitability of the Universe dying due to the tendency for entropy to always increase.

Entropy is the inevitable gradual decline to disorder and dissipation of energy throughout a system. The Universe is big, but not infinite, so with entropy continually increasing, the energy will dissipate, stars will die and eventually so will the Universe.

As you listen to the humans discuss entropy and the inevitable Heat Death of the Universe, you solve anagrams and gather data to try and figure out some way to reverse entropy. It’s an interesting game with beautiful artwork and clever writing that makes the complexities of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and the death of the Universe easy to understand. A clever little game that asks a very big question.

Download The Last Question Here (Windows & Mac)

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