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The Last Resistance is a short and intense first person Sci-Fi horror shooter where you gather resources to fight back against the machines that have all but wiped out humanity.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world where a Skynet-esque AI has risen up and wiped out most of the human race, The Last Resistance puts you in the shoes of one of the few remaining survivors as they attempt to fight back against the machines. The game takes place within a small desolate wasteland which is patrolled by small spider-bots and large War of the Worlds-esque tripods. You need to wipe out all the tripods, but you’re massively outnumbered and you start the game unarmed, so you need to search the area for weapons and use cover to help you eliminate the machines one-by-one.

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, The Last Resistance has a great lofi retro visual style and some very tense moments as you attempt to evade and eliminate the red-eyed machines. It’s not too tough once you get to grips with it, but the towering tripods are extremely intimidating to go up against nonetheless. A tense little Sci-Fi horror shooter well worth checking out.

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Download The Last Resistance Here (Windows)

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  1. This was surprisingly more compelling than most of the officially licensed terminator games. I think because the devs usually forgot Terminator 1 was a horror film. If I were to suggest small, easy to implement changes, the first would be stuff to crawl under. Like debris. It would reinforce the feeling of being small and vulnerable like a scurrying mouse evading pest control.

    The second would be physical frailties: A stamina bar, decreased mobility when injured, diminished sight (red blood border) when in the last 20% of HP, and blood trails the machines will notice and follow. They should also be able to hear footsteps nearby, but only when you’re not crouching. There should also be hunger and thirst mechanics to reinforce limitations humans have which machines don’t.

    Although it might be cool if they had to return to towers to recharge, and would stop chasing you if you exceeded the range from which they would still have enough energy to make it back to the tower. Destroying the towers would then be one way to disable the robots, by waiting for them to run out of power. They might respond by moving less and becoming opportunistic hunters, but you could still bait them into chasing you until depleted.

    If you expand this, replicating the aesthetic of Cameron’s future war would be nice. It would also be nice to start out with a well stocked hideout, as a survivor would realistically need to have in order to still be alive by that time. The other supplies would then be found in similar hideouts of people like you, who weren’t as lucky. I’d also like to be able to salvage advanced weapons from fallen robots, and for every robot to have an exploitable weakness you can use by holding E on a fallen robot to study the remains (putting you at risk while you do so).

    Other nice-to-haves: Traps. Like invisible monofilament wires that behead you if you walk through them, visible only with EM goggles (as in the Future War lore). Robot dismemberment depending where they are shot. Plasma weapons like in the movies rather than a hitscan laser. The spider robots should rush you and self-destruct when low on health. The tripods should drag themselves after you if one leg is shot off.

    These seem like improvements that could be made without the labor of creating lots of new assets, requiring a new engine or any other change that burdensome. The world has a shortage of good Terminator games, so I’d love to see you develop this further, maintaining the horror focus. I have a lot of bigger asks, like a wider variety of robots including HK Tank style ones and endoskeleton-like enemies but I might be overestimating how far you want to take this.

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