The Last Sorrow – Prototype Download


Tooth and Claw Games has released an early version of their 2D action title: The Last Sorrow, which brings together excellent pixel art, addicting gameplay, and the first echos of an epic story.

From the start, the player begins as a prisoner in a lonely fortress filled with twisted wraith-like creatures absolutely bent on keeping the player there, whether as a captive or as a corpse. The player is presented with few commands: Swing the sword, block with the shield, and move.

With these simple controls, the combat is challenging, especially when the enemies constantly attack, leaving little room for retaliation. But with a little perseverance, the player will have no problem pushing past these beings straight from the darkest of nightmares. Escape is the goal, but there are enough obstacles to make that reality just a hopeless dream.

This iteration will find players utilizing these commands to break out of a fortress of peril, where the player character has been imbued with the notion that this is a place of despair, and is advised to leave by any means necessary. It’s apparent there’s a larger story behind this, but little is conveyed in this early alpha, given its short introductory-length gameplay.

There is however enough present to get players familiar with the world, providing attractive 2D environments, creepy enemies, and a beautiful soundtrack. The goal is simple, and once completed, it will certainly leave you wanting more.

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