The Last Spell – Pre-Alpha Demo

The Last Spell features a fun fusion of city-building, tower defense, roguelite and turn-based tactical RPG gameplay as you try to protect your town from hordes of freaky monsters.

In The Last Spell you are tasked with defending the last bastion of humanity – a small ruined town where a group of mages toil to cast a spell which will banish the strange purple fog that’s infected the land. However, casting the spell will take some time (several days), during which you’ll be attacked at night by swarms of bloodthirsty monsters.

In the game you command a small band of uniquely skilled heroes who are tasked with holding the forces of darkness at bay until “The Last Spell” is cast. The gameplay is split up into three distinct phases – Deployment, Battle and Production. During the Deployment phase you can build defenses and place your heroes in preparation for battle. During the Battle phase you command your heroes in X-Com-esque turn-based tactical combat, then during the Production phase (which takes place during the day), you can construct buildings, assign workers to tasks and upgrade your heroes.

It’s an impressive game with excellent pixel art animation, a fun blend of gameplay mechanics and some very intense battles. The Production phase could do with being a little more intuitive, but the Battle phase is a hell of a lot of fun. Your defenses are more to slow down the monsters rather than kill them, with the real fighting being done by your squad of heroes. They are vastly outnumbered, and it seems overwhelming at first, but with a little strategy and creative use of their skills you can hold the hordes at bay (for now at least!)

Download The Last Spell Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)