The Last Worker – Beta Demo

The Last Worker is a narrative-driven first person Sci-Fi adventure where you’re the last living worker in an Amazon-style warehouse that’s gone bad.

In The Last Worker you take on the role of a warehouse worker at Jungle – a darkly satirical futuristic take on Amazon. The warehouse is about the size of Manhattan and the majority of it is automated. However, the warehouse still uses humans for some jobs. Or rather it did before Jungle’s robots killed them all. Now it’s just you and a barely functional droid, fetching packages for customers day after day…

The demo build of The Last Worker features part of the first chapter of the game and part of the second chapter. In the first chapter you meet an endearingly annoying helper droid and learn the ropes in the warehouse (even though you’ve been working there for decades). Then in the second chapter you break a few rules and start sneaking about the warehouse in search of answers.

It’s a very enjoyable adventure, thanks largely to its pitch black humor and excellent voice acting. Your character’s off-hand remarks make him very endearing, the setting and story are very intriguing and the stealth gameplay works well too. It’s far more fun than working in an Amazon warehouse!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Last Worker Beta Demo Here (Steam)