The Last Night – GameJam Build

the last night

The Last Night is a pixelated 2D cyberpunk stealth action adventure game, with dark and moody styling inspired by Flashback and Blade Runner.

The graphic style combined with the super cool cyberpunk setting makes the game look gorgeous and full of life. The GameJam build is a short stealth action game where you must avoid the police and assassinate a target.  From start to finish the game really impresses with its good looks, its immersion, and its music – it’s a game that really oozes style.

The original prototype was the winner of the #cyberpunkjam, and now the dev plans to turn it into a full game.  The promise of more of this dark and stylish cyberpunk action adventure certainly is a an exciting prospect – we can’t wait to explore more of this beautiful pixelated world.

Follow the Development of The Last Night HERE

Play the GameJam Build HERE