The Legend of Ice Soul – Alpha Demo

The Legend of Ice Soul is a cleverly crafted puzzle platformer where you use your ability to create and melt ice-blocks to solve each single-screen level.

In each level of The Legend of Ice Soul your aim is to extinguish the fires that are burnign within them. Thankfully you have the ability to create ice, which can extinguish the fire, but you aren’t particularly mobile and are unable to climb more than one block at a time, so you need to plan your movements and use your ice-based ability to help you traverse the levels.

It takes a few minutes to wrap your head around the basics of The Legend of Ice Soul, but once you do it’s a great little puzzler. The pixel art animation is excellent, the gameplay mechanics are quite original and the puzzles are very inventive and offer plenty of challenge. A frostbitten puzzle platformer well worth thawing out.

Download The Legend of Ice Soul Alpha Demo Here (Windows)