The Legend Of Studentenfutter – Game Jam Build Download

nut game

The Legend Of Studentenfutter, a quirky little dungeon explorer made for the Rocket Beans TV Community Game Jam, has you trying to find your missing edible trail mix friends in a strange cave.

You are a peanut who lives in a bag of trail mix. Everyone in this bag lived happily until a squirrel came and ripped your friends out of the bag and into their cave. You are the only item left behind (the squirrel must have a peanut allergy), so now you must venture into the cave to try and rescue your friends before it is too late! This dark and mysterious cave does not have dangers, but there are crumbs dotted around and areas to explore in order to find your friends.

As you wander around, you can pick up crumbs of nuts left behind and nom on them. These will help you forget about how dark and scary this place is. You are looking for your friends so you must wander around until you find all four of them. Make sure you have explored an area completely before moving on – sometimes you don’t get a chance to look back.  You also talk to yourself as you walk around the cave, saying adorable things or talking a bit about your life here and there.

It is up to you to try and find all of your friends and collect all of the crumbs left behind while exploring the very well made and witty little dungeon adventure.

Download The Legend Of Studentenfutter Here (Win, Mac, & Linux)