The Letter – Alpha Demo

the letter

The Letter is a well crafted visual novel horror game with six playable characters, high production values, jump scares and engaging quick-time events, which revolves around a chain letter found in a haunted mansion which states ‘Send this to 5 people or else…’

The Letter combines high quality artwork and animation with a creepy story inspired by Ju-On: The Grudge & The Ring to create a tense and engaging experience that feels superior to your standard static scene visual novel.  Characters are animated in 3D and the backdrops are beautifully drawn, with plenty of background animation to bring them to life.

Even though The Letter does feel a bit more interactive than your standard visual novel (thanks to the introduction of quick-time events), it is still very much a visual novel.  Those that aren’t fond of the genre are unlikely to be swayed by The Letter’s allure, but fans of visual novels will be delighted with the dark storyline, great writing, polished visuals and freaky jump scares.  A letter well worth opening.

Check Out the Kickstarter & Download The Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)