The Light Thief – Prototype Download

The Light Thief game download

The Light Thief is a cleverly crafted puzzler with stylish minimalist visuals, in which you need think in four directions and flip gravity as you manipulate platforms and make your way to the exit.

Played entirely with the mouse, with no timer or fail states, The Light Thief makes for a chilled out but very challenging spacial puzzler. In the game your goal is to collect keys and make your way to the exit, but thanks to some ingenious level design, it can be surprisingly tricky to get there!

You control your character by clicking where you want her to walk to – it has to be in a straight line and she cannot jump, but you can manipulate the platforms she walks on in a variety of ways to assist her. You’ll need to collect keys to open the exit, press switches to activate moveable platforms and plan your route well as you attempt to reach the end of each increasingly complex levels.

It’s a fun, stylish and intelligently designed game that requires some real spacial awareness and forward planning as you traverse its multidirectional levels. A unique little puzzler in which up, down, left and right can change at the press of a button.

Note: Make sure you don’t stand at the edge of a platform when rotating it. It can make your character disappear!

Download The Light Thief Prototype Here (Windows)