The Lighthouse – Alpha Demo

The Lighthouse game

The Lighthouse is a very tense horror adventure in that blends point and click adventure-style puzzles with highly detailed Unreal Engine 4 powered first person exploration to create an intense experience that will challenge your grey matter while also making your skin crawl.

The Lighthouse was originally created as a point and click adventure, and it’s easy to see the heritage in the puzzle design, with you having to search the area thoroughly to find clues that will aid your escape. The game has since switched to the Unreal Engine 4 though and incorporated a first person perspective to really immerse players in the experience.

In The Lighthouse you play Irvine, a private investigator who had lost a daughter called Lily to cancer seven years previous. He honors her passing with a pink lily and a lit candle at her gravestone each year, but this year he is waylaid as he starts to investigate the disappearance of another girl called Lily that happened two and a half years ago at a mysterious lighthouse.

The Alpha Demo build starts with you locked in an abandoned caretaker apartment near the lighthouse looking for clues. You’ll need to search the place thoroughly to find a means of escape and the building seems to be haunted by a supernatural presence. It stays clear of cheap jump scares, but there’s a very tense atmosphere throughout and some genuinely scary moments thanks to the excellent audio/visual design.

The Alpha Demo takes around 10 minutes to complete and impresses with it’s high quality visuals, inventive puzzle design, tense atmosphere and terror inducing audio. We look forward to seeing more of The Lighthouse as it’s shaping up to be a very creepy and cerebral experience and can’t wait to unravel more of it’s intriguing story.

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