The Luckiest in the Megaverse – Beta Demo

The Luckiest in the Megaverse is a clever twist on the incremental clicker genre, which sees you attempting to become the luckiest in the universe.

In The Luckiest in the Megaverse you stumble across a mysterious door which (after repeatedly knocking on), you discover is the entrance of a very exclusive place called the Luck Club. The only way to get in there is to be extremely lucky – something which is impossible to fake. Or is it?

To get into the club you’ll need to complete a series of challenges designed to test your luckiness. These involve things like drawing cards in a specific order or getting heard in a coin flip 20 times in a row. The chances of doing this are astronomically low, and you’re not particularly lucky, but thankfully you come across a stranger who is selling something better – chances.

By spending luck earned during the challenges, the stranger unlocks a multiverse of extra chances. Dramatically increasing your chances of succeeding. A billion-to-one shot has a much better chance of succeeding if you have one billion attempts at it!

The actual incremental clicker gameplay in The Luckiest in the Megaverse is very simple – you just click to take your turn and there’s only one upgrade you can buy (chances). However, the concept and narrative are a lot of fun and it does a great job of demonstrating the mathematical theories of probability (such as the infinite monkey theorem). It turns out you don’t need to be lucky to succeed, just perseverance and a LOT of chances!

Download The Luckiest in the Megaverse Beta Demo Here (Steam)

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