The Lunar Effect – Beta Demo

The Lunar Effect is a retro styled psychological horror adventure that draws inspiration from Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but has much more of a puzzle focus as you try to escape from a mysterious old mansion you awaken in.

Currently in development by Negative Entities, The Lunar Effect could perhaps best be described as the thinking man’s survival horror. It looks and feels a lot like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but there’s no combat and the puzzles are much more varied and intricate.

In the game you follow the adventure of a young man who wakes up locked in a bedroom in a mysterious moonlit mansion. You must now explore the mansion, search for clues and solve tricky puzzles as you attempt to unravel the mansion’s dark history and escape.

The current build of The Lunar Effect takes around 20-30 minutes to play through and really impresses with its highly detailed environments, stylish retro visuals and inventive puzzle design. It’s a very well crafted experience that pays homage to survival horror classics while also feeling very unique. The mansion is a fascinating place that’s filled with dark secrets and by the end of the demo you’ll be dying to explore more of it.

Download The Lunar Effect Beta Demo Here (Steam)