The Machine – Beta Demo

The Machine is a remarkable new non-linear branching narrative open world adventure where you find your place in a society that exists within a giant machine.

Coming to Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance (and playable on other platforms via Emulator), The Machine is a non-linear role playing adventure game where your decisions can dramatically affect how your story plays out. It takes place within a dystopian hierarchical society where you are but a lowly cog in the machine.

Whether you’ll find your place in that machine is another matter though – during the demo you may become a police officer, a factory worker, a drop out or a political activist. The choices you make may not only affect your life, but the future of the society and the Machine that it exists in.

The pixel artwork, the world-building and branching narrative storytelling of The Machine is pretty incredible, particularly when you realise it’s a Game Boy game. It’s dystopian machine city is a fascinating place to explore and it deliver the sort of narrative immersion you’d expect from a TellTale or Bethesda joint – which is pretty remarkable for a game that can run on 32 year old hardware. Highly recommended.

Play The Machine Beta Demo Here (Browser)