The Maestros – Alpha Download

the maestros

The Maestros a great looking RTS that we first covered last year, in which you play a commander who must gather an army of minions which can transform into powerful units on-the-fly.

The game takes place in a fun fantasy world, with two rival factions facing off against each other – Teutonia and Regalis.  Teutonia favour using large, clunky transforming robots, while Regalis prefer cute mutating monsters.

You play as a commander who roams the battlefield, controlling a squad of little minions.  Your minions are charming little creatures with plenty of personality, reminiscent of Dispicable Me’s Minions or Pikmin, but in robotic or mutating monster form.  You gather these minions by killing the local wildlife, then you can upgrade them at select points on the battlefield into a variety of more powerful units.

Gameplay is far faster paced and action orientated than your traditional RTS, with the devs calling it ‘what happens when an FPS momma adopts a weeee little RTS baby and raises it as if it were its own child’.  It certainly a refreshing take on the RTS genre – fast, fluid and fun, with bags of character and excellent visuals.  An FTS – Fun Time Strategy.

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Download The Maestros Alpha HERE (From 12pm PST)