The Maestros – Open Alpha

the maestros

The Maestros a fast paced real-time strategy game which sees you controlling a commander who roams the battlefield, amassing an army of minions who can transform on-the-fly.

Your commander must gather minions by killing the local wildlife (the Tenchii), these minions are pretty underpowered and follow you around in herds like Pikmin, but can be upgraded at certain spots on the battlefield, allowing you to amass a powerful army.  As there is no base to defend (the only thing you need to protect is the commander) and you don’t need to worry about harvesting supplies, you can be right where the action is at all times, making for some fast paced and fluid gameplay.

Battle takes place in the fantasy land of the Tenshii Archipelago, with a war between two factions, the kingdoms of Teutonia and Regallis.  The world and character design are colourful, bright and fun, giving the game character and charm.  The game doesn’t take itself too seriously either, with a nice sense of humour throughout.

The Maestros is doing a lot of things right, it’s an RTS that skips the slow, boring bits at the beginning of the game, with you amassing your army on-the-go and allowing you to always be where the action is.  Unfortunately the Open Alpha Test will finish on Sunday, April 6th at 11:00pm, so you’d better hurry if you want to give it a go.

Download the Alpha HERE