The Maestros – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

The Maestros is a team-based fusion of real time strategy and third person action that sees you roaming the battlefield as a commander and amassing an army of battle-ready beasts around you.

As we mentioned last year during the closed Beta sign upThe Maestros is an action-focused RTS that sees you transforming cute animals and little robot minions into powerful units that fight by your side in a battle of beasts versus bots. It’s set in a dieselpunk fantasy world of floating islands and sees the dieselpunk Knights of Teutonia doing battle against the futuristic Alchemists of Regalis.

Matches in The Maestros are 3v3 affairs, with players able to choose from six different commanders, each with their own skills and playstyle. It plays a little like Pikmin fused with MOBA elements, as you guide your commander around the map, gathering minions and transforming them into more powerful units that fight by your side.

It’s a fun game, with fast paced RTS action, plenty of depth and high quality visual design that’s packed full of character. We have 100 The Maestros Steam Beta Keys to give away! To enter just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 26th of May.

You Can Also Sign Up For The Maestros Beta Here

The Maestros – Steam Beta Key Giveaway