The Maitre D’ – Game Jam Build Download

the maitre d game

The Maitre D’ is a fabulous body bending puzzle platformer in which you play a waiter in a fancy French restaurant, who must use his stretchy body to give the customers as good a service as possible.

Your aim in The Maitre D’ is to pick up the customers, carry them to their seats then make it to the exit. Your waiter can only jump a small amount and there are plenty of hazards and obstacles in the way, but you have the very cool ability to stretch and bend your body which makes your job a whole lot easier (and a lot of fun!)

Your charming little Maitre D’ can’t stretch infinitely – he must collect lotion bottles to allow him to stretch over further distances, but it’s a very handy skill once you’ve mastered it. You can use it to help you jump higher, snake your way though small spaces and hook yourself onto ledges then pull yourself up. The level design is impressive throughout – utilizing your body morphing abilities in a variety of inventive ways.

As well as the delightful body bending gameplay, The Maitre D’ also impresses with it’s charming pixel art visuals as whimsical audio design. It really is a joy stretching and bending to assist customers in this unique puzzle platformer. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video of The Maitre D’ Here

Download The Maitre D’ Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)