The Man Who Fell Sideways – Game Jam Build

The Man Who Fell Sideways is a deviously designed XKCD comic strip inspired dual character puzzle platformer where one character experiences gravity vertically and the other experiences gravity horizontally.

Based on the XKCD comic strip of the same name, The Man Who Fell Sideways is a very tricky gravity bending puzzle platformer that requires two characters who exist on different planes of gravity to work together. It’s playable in local multiplayer or single player using dual controls, with you using the WASD keys to move one character and the arrow keys to move the other one.

In each level you need to collect a certain amount of coins then make it to the door to progress. This may sound easy, but it’s actually pretty tough and can require you to think outside the box to make it through, often requiring one character to stand on another to piggyback on them to different locations.

It’s a very tough little game with some very creative puzzle design and excellent stickman artwork that feels like you’re playing a XKCD comic strip (which you kind of are). A clever little dual character gravity bending platformer that you’ll fall (sideways) for.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play The Man Who Fell Sideways Here (Browser)