The Mannequin – Alpha Demo

The Mannequin is a dread-filled first person horror adventure that blends terror with tragedy as you’re tormented by a dead-eyed mannequin while uncovering the mystery of murdered family in a creepy old house.

In The Mannequin you take on the role of Lisa, a young woman whose father has just inherited a long abandoned house in the heart of London. You’ve been sent around to the house to start cleaning it up, and among the decades of dust and cobwebs you find a broken mannequin. In what is perhaps not your finest moment you decide to fix the mannequin and then things start to get very weird indeed…

As you continue exploring the old house you warp between the present day and 1958 (the last time the house was inhabited) and you learn about the family who lived there and the tragedy that befell them. All the while though there’s a lingering threat from the freaky mannequin that seems keen to repay the kindness you showed in repairing it by terrifying you every chance it gets.

Unfortunately development has halted on The Mannequin, which is a real shame as it shows lot of promise. It’s got a great sense of atmosphere, an interesting narrative and puzzle/exploration based gameplay that doesn’t focus too heavily on jump scares. Not just another haunted house adventure.

Check Out a Gampelay Video Here

Download The Mannequin Alpha Demo Here (Windows)

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