The Mick Jagger Gardening Simulator – Game Jam Build

The Mick Jagger Gardening Simulator is a funny little one minute browser based game that’s really just an excuse to pull off a particularly silly pun.

Mick Jagger Gardening Simulator starts with Mick and Kieth chilling in their Rolling Stones pad, and after a bit of banter and name-calling, Mick decides to pop out and do some gardening. All this requires you to do is to water the various plants in the garden while staying clear of the orange colored patches.

It’s all very simple, silly and it only takes a minute to play through, but it all comes together with a gloriously bad pun at the end. Also, there’s a certain joy in seeing an adorable little pixelated Mick Jagger dancing around in his garden. Sure, it’d be nice if it was a little longer, but you can’t always get what you want!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Mick Jagger Gardening Simulator Here (Browser)