The Midnight Crimes – Alpha Demo

The Midnight Crimes is a TellTale Games-esque narrative-driven point and click adventure where a retired detective investigates a missing child case in a wicked Victorian city.

In The Midnight Crimes you follow the story of Benjamin Leighton – a retired P.I. whose family was murdered by an unknown assassin. He’ll now take to the grimy Victorian streets and overcome his inner demons as he comes out of retirement to try and track down a missing child.

As you investigate your case you’ll search for clues, solve puzzles, interrogate witnesses and try to piece things together on your office blackboard. Of course, not everybody likes you snooping around, so you may need to employ stealth and even get into the occasional fight. The game has a day/night cycle so you’ll need to visit certain locations at certain times and you’ll also be able to carry out special side quests and adopt your very own pet.

The pacing is a little slow in the demo, but it’s an interesting game with a striking graphic novel visual style and gameplay that’s a little less linear than most TellTale style adventures. See what you can discover on the dank Victorian streets of The Midnight Crimes.

Download The Midnight Crimes Alpha Demo Here (Steam)