The Midnight Sanctuary – Alpha Demo (Steam)

Midnight Sanctuary Download

The Midnight Sanctuary is a remarkable occult visual novel game with VR Support (but also playable on standard screens) that does away with static 2D visuals to create a fully rendered 3D world that makes you feel like you’re actually inside a beautiful Anime movie.

The Midnight Sanctuary is set in a creepy village in rural Japan, where a Saint that was foretold in legends shows up and starts performing miracles. The village worships the Saint like a cult, but are the miracles real? And why do the cult members claim to be ‘of the dead?’

As intriguing as the story is, you may find it hard to focus on it due to the fact that the visuals in The Midnight Sanctuary are so extraordinary. On standard screens the game world looks like a beautiful blend of Anime and psychedelia but in VR it’s a transformative experience. Instead of looking in at the story through a window, you’re actually there, standing in the game world right next to it’s characters and the way the patterns move in the textures of certain surfaces is mesmerizing.

The Midnight Sanctuary has the makings of a good 3D visual novel experience on standard screens, but in VR it’s a must play. It’s a strange, surreal and captivating experience that really does make you feel like you’ve stepped inside an Anime movie.

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Download The Midnight Sanctuary Alpha Demo Here (Vive, Oculus & Standard Screens)