The Mims: Beginning is a great new god game that really makes you are about your followers. The Mims are an inventive and peace-loving race who have ben shipwrecked and scattered across various floating islands. Your role is to help them rebuild their ship, so they can go home. You’ll do this by helping the Mims build and defend against dangerous wildlife using RTS elements protecting and using you God-like superpowers.

The Mims is a joy to play and really oozes character. The gameplay is shaping up really well, drawing favourable comparisons to Populous, but it’s the vibrant world, sense of humour, great characters and all-round playfulness of he game hat really draws you in. It fees like something that Nintendo could of made, in-fact It’s hard not to expect some Pikmin to pop up while you’re exploring your island!

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Download the Beta, free through the Indiegogo page HERE